BELWAY is an automatic transportation system, where electric autonomous vehicles are moving on totally dedicated lanes.

Safety, speed and customer journey are regulated by a Supervisor.

BELWAY allows on his ways:

  • Comfortable electric driverless shuttles for public use
  • Taxis/ride hailing and personal Vehicles for individuals
  • Commercial vehicles for freight

The BELWAY lanes are 100% dedicated, without crossing, without pedestrians, without red lights, like railway tracks are.

The BELWAY infrastructure can be realized without new footprint as follows :

  • BELWAY tracks on disused or redeveloped railway tracks.
  • BELWAY tracks on pylons,
  • Underground BELWAY tracks, designed in cut-and-cover or in small-diameter tunnels.

Vehicles reach and leave the high speed lanes through service lanes, without disturbing the fast lane flow, which rail transport will never be able to do because of switches.

It should be noted that all public transport on dedicated lanes requires specific infrastructure. If BELWAY is no exception to the rule, those of BELWAY are without new influence and of a more moderate cost.

Thus, BELWAY is offering :

  • A high capacity of 6000 vehicles/h per lane,
  • High flexibility with on-demand transport for all,
  • High comfort thanks to fast passenger shuttles,
  • Quick trip with limited stops.