The dedicated lanes on pylons are narrow and light, specially designed for light vehicles up 3.5 tons, without massive viaducts needed for trucks.

They can be installed along existing ways, with a very small footprint and secured access.

BELWAY lane on pylons can be placed:

  • above a boulevard, an avenue, a street,
  • above a railway line,
  • above a road, a motorway.

You can place one or two tracks in each direction as needed,

  • on each side,
  • In the center,
  • above a single direction of traffic.
  • possibly, independently of an existing traffic lane.

BELWAY lane on pylons can be very well integrated into the environment, especially in towns.

They can be made of Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC), the material used for the façade of the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations (MuCem) in Marseille France, but also of wood, composite materials, or steel outside the city.

The solution can be totally self-sufficient in renewable energy when sections of the track are recovering solar energy and charging the vehicles with induction.

Sections of tracks can also be covered with photovoltaic panels. This roof also protects against rain and snow, reduces vehicle noise.