Public transport is carried out with autonomous shuttles on tires, driverless, which may or may not be specific to the network.

In addition, personal or shared motor vehicles, such as:

  • Taxis/ridehailing and tomorrow driverless robot-taxis,
  • Car sharing or carpooling.
  • LCVs, and tomorrow driverless delivery vehicles,
  • private cars,

The vehicles are preferably battery-electric or hydrogen-powered, suitable for level 4 automated driving.

The vehicles are from automotive construction, all components of which are manufactured by the millions.

Already most of the cars currently sold are equipped with necessary ADAS (Driving Aids) for automatic driving on BELWAY lanes (such as trajectory following, emergency braking, automatic parking, adaptive cruise control, etc.).

The automobile is the defining invention of the 20th century.Thanks to clean and no-nuisance cars, BELWAY is prepared to mark the 21th century.

With a car, you move whenever you want, wherever you want. It is efficient, comfortable, fast… this is freedom.

Thanks to BELWAY, this flexibility is offered to all !