The population of cities is increasing, densification is increasing, but there is not enough space to increase the supply of surface mobility.

Agglomerations are getting larger and larger, and all ground transport are getting slower and slower, (for safety, noise… reasons)

Travel times are increasing in such a way that, for a large city, it is no longer possible to travel from one side to the other in less than an hour.

Current mass public transport can do:

  • either local services such as the bus, the tramway, the cable car, at a low speed of 10/15miles/h (15/20 km/h) or even 20/30 miles/h (30/40 km/h) in metro,
  • or transit, such as suburban train. These heavy transport systems require large stations, large areas of land, engineering structures or tunnels.

There was no mass public transport that offers local service and long-distance transport in the same vehicle, with no load break.

BELWAY, the automatic transport system on dedicated lanes, meets the challenges of the 21st century

With the BELWAY solution, high-speed transport and capillary network of the territory can be achieved by autonomous vehicles without load breaks, with mass transport capacity.

Moreover, by allowing personal vehicles on its lanes, preferably shared ones, BELWAY optimizes the infrastructure and reduces congestion on existing roads.

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