BELWAY is a breakthrough innovation for mobility whether for the city or the countryside

BELWAY is an automatic transportation system, where electric autonomous vehicles are moving on totally dedicated lanes. Safety, speed and customer journey are regulated by a Supervisor.
BELWAY allows on his ways:
Comfortable electric driverless shuttles for public use / Taxis/ride hailing and personal Vehicles for individuals / Commercial vehicles for freight

Quick journey

2 to 4 times quicker than any city transportation


On demand transport with small shuttle much more efficient than a train or tram


2 to 5 times cheaper infrastructures than rail transport


Public transport and private cars are allowed in autonomous mode

BELWAY is compatible with the future


Daniel Moulene

« Tomorrow, when 100% autonomous robot taxis (level 5) will exist, a user will be able to order a robot-taxi, which will pick him up while driving at the speed which will be authorized on the open road, and which will be able to use the BELWAY lanes to drive at good speed then leave the network to go to the destination on the open road at the speed that will be authorized there. »

Voie Belway sur pylones

Environmental and societal EFFICIENCY

The advantages of the BELWAY solution relate to the improvement of mobility, the reduction of pollution, the ease and speed of implementation, the low visual impact, energy autonomy, cost savings...

Voie Belway sur pylones

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