The main advantages of BELWAY are:

The fundamental IMPROVEMENT of transport quality: SMART TRANSIT

  • in town, journey time 4 times shorter than surface transport (7.5 min instead of 30 min for 6 miles (10 km),
  • no timetable,
  • 24/7 operation,
  • door-to-door journey, by private car, by Taxi/Ride Hailing, and in the future by autonomous shuttles or level 5 robot taxis.

Environmental and societal EFFICIENCY for sustainable development

  • a BELWAY lane has the capacity of 3 motorway lanes (6000 vehicles/h)
  • improving and increasing mobility, and reducing traffic congestion
  • low visual impact
  • no new footprint, no break for biodiversity
  • no local air pollution and noise reduction
  • reduction in electricity consumption per km traveled
  • possibility of energy autonomy thanks to solar panels in the center of the tracks, or on the roof
  • rapid installation of infrastructures, reduction of nuisances during works
  • very competitive infrastructure and shuttle costs compared to all other means of mass land transport (2 to 5 times less)
  • financeable by concession, amortized by toll
  • reduction in time spent in transport : gain for the whole community…

BELWAY is a transport system compatible with the existing and with the future of the automobile.